360 Sports

Success Story

Partner to build the future of wellness-over-fitness

In Slash we have a long-term tech equity partner that is not afraid to challenge us. They give us strategic advice, product expertise and deep tech skills and offer the flexibility we need to evolve our plans, most recently with our COVID-19 pivot. The startup journey is intense, but Slash team has been fantastic!
Kevin Serou, CEO of 360 Sports

Athletes usually pile on too much work and fail to devote enough time to recovery. They tend to overlook the importance of what they eat and how they feel. As a result, they reach the “over-training” state. 360 Sports focuses on ‘Wellness over Fitness’ by providing actionable insights, to help serious athletes find balance and perform better. 360 Sports was founded early 2020 by a team of experienced triathletes, data and sport scientists.


360 Sports innovative 360-degrees dashboard and WLS™ makes it easier than ever to keep balance and gives coaches valuable actionable insights. Data is great. Feedback is best. It also provides coaches with a workbench of tools to support their coachees and to run their coaching business effectively off the 360 Sports platform.

Project Highlights

Together with the core team of 360 Sports, Slash reimagined the original product vision and designed the MVP 1, and helped architect the business roadmap (financial plan, go-to-market, team).

With the rapid COVID-19 pivot to 360 Wellness, a marketplace of online wellness classes, Slash supported 360 Sports with rethinking the new experience and modularizing both products for maintainability. 

In 5 weeks, Slash adjusted the 360 Sports app to release the 360 Wellness app.

The mobile app is built on React Native, backend on PHP and infrastructure on AWS. Some of the data algorithms in Python.  

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