Customer Success


Corporate Success Stories

Our enterprise clients have trusted us with multi-year contracts for engineering teams, rapid engineering teams to build proof-of-concepts and as advisors to figure out their strategic product challenges.

Startup Success Stories

As serial entrepreneurs, our founding team has experience building, scaling and exiting companies. We bring this entrepreneurial DNA to the way we grow Slash and the support we partner with startups: we elevate the relation from vendor to strategic partner, sometimes taking equity positions or co-founding the venture.

EedenBull, Norway

Building white-label digital banking solutions for regional banks in Europe

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TripWorld's founding vision is to deliver savings, speed and simplicity to the travel experience, starting with a better tourist tax refund (VAT/GST) solution called “TripTax”

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Startup solutions. Equity tech partner.

Award-winning e-KYC solution for payments in Cambodia and Mekong region

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Mobile e-learning platform with live video broadcasting, designed for trainers, teams and organizations using the latest technologies, integrated course builders and many other advanced features and analytics. 

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Gov / Non-Profit Success Stories

We believe that partnerships between the public sector, entrepreneurs and technologists are crucial to navigate the exponential change in society and to build a sustainable, resilient and inclusive future for all. 

HacKH the Crisis

48h online HacKH the Crisis hackathon for Cambodia

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Startup Jungle

Accelerating the transition to a digital economy in Cambodia 

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Startup Rap

We initiated Startup Rap to tell the world that Cambodia has tech talent and to invite them to engage.

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