Our Companies

We constantly run experiments with founders. These are the startups that have moved beyond R&D and into the market.

Active Portfolio

Each startup is unique. Typically, we take minority stakes (5-15%). In the beginning, we evaluate our founder fit and the business plan. We align on what kind of the startup this will be: an all-or-nothing Product-Market-Fit (PMF) VC-backed business, or a sustainable long-term and profit-first business. This decision will drive the strategy, financing and organizational vision. From there, we build the company hand in hand. Usually our role is focused on product and tech. Sometimes we also sit on the board, guide the go-to-market, secure key team members, or support with funding. We have no venture fund and are independent. This allows us to think long-term as partners and align ourselves to the founders.

Implement your C19 back-to-work and safe site access policies

To help companies manage the risks of going back-to-work during the C19 crisis, Trust8 provides a simple and secure solution to handle employees health data, implement safe site and worker access policies. A real-time data dashboard enables visibility and the ability to update risk models & policies real-time across all sites, as the science, test manufacturers/kits and situation evolves. Trust8 is test-agnostic, white label and privacy-first (GDPR, PDPA, HIPAA compliant). The risk dashboard can be paired with other COVID-19 immune apps.

Enable digital ownership of cross-border properties in APAC

Real Estate is the #1 asset class in the world with a market cap of ~US$228 tril, with APAC poised for the most growth in global residential value. Cross-border property investment is the most common country risk management tool for Asians HNIs. Yet, cross-border investment remains full of friction and lack of liquidity. Acropolis enables digital ownership of cross-border property investments with no need to travel, secure & immediately verifiable chain of title, super fast transactions (~2 days) and cheaper transaction costs.

Reimagining digital education programs for the workforce

Augmented Tribe is a SaaS platform to accelerate know-how acquisition for professionals. The platform is organized around learning spaces, to create and structure curriculums, workflows and activities; and includes real-time collaboration with participants and experts. Use cases include running digital transformation programs, MBA and Executive MBA programs, virtual hackathons. Augmented Tribe is a joint venture between ASA, IMD Business School and Slash.

Award-winning e-KYC solution for payments in Cambodia

Clik provides a unified platform for all payments in emerging markets in ASEAN, starting in Cambodia. It offers merchants and consumers a seamless payment experience online and offline, and helps merchants with data-driven tools for micro-targeting, loyalty cash-back schemes and credit. Its core payment technology is supported by strategic global partners such as OpenWay and MyPINPAD, and includes secure multi-factor authentication for unsecured touchscreen devices, payment aggregation, mobile POS (mPOS) and contactless SoftPOS. 

Mobile e-learning platform with live video broadcasting

Sharelook is founded by Israeli veterans of the global education industry, with previous entrepreneurial exits. The founding vision is to provide a mobile e-learning platform designed for trainers, teams and organizations with live video broadcasting using the latest technologies, integrated course builders and many other advanced features and analytics. 

Building the future of wellness-over-fitness

Athletes usually pile on too much work and fail to devote enough time to recovery. They tend to overlook the importance of what they eat and how they feel. As a result, they reach the “over-training” state. 360 Sports focuses on ‘Wellness over Fitness’ by providing actionable insights, to help serious athletes find balance and perform better. 360 Sports was founded early 2020 by a team of experienced triathletes, data and sport scientists.

Building fast, secure and paperless tourist tax refund

TripWorld's founding vision is to deliver savings, speed and simplicity to the travel experience, starting with a better tourist tax refund (VAT/GST) solution called “TripTax”. Tourist-tax refunds (VAT/GST) are time-consuming due to long queues and paperwork, involve expensive FX transactions and are subject to high commission (up to 43% by market leaders!).

Past Portfolio

These are some of our previous companies. We either exited, discontinued or sold off our stakes in these companies.

Unified payment aggregator and smart router platform

Slash Pay provides a unified payment solution infrastructure with a single point-of-entry for all payments company-wide. Payment methods supported include credit card, tokenization, redirect, 3D secure, IPP, WeChat, AliPay and more with the option to add methods/vendors on-the-fly in the middleware. Slash Pay was SOLD to a Fortune 500 MNC in 2017 in an undisclosed exit.

GO Freight provides digital freight forwarding in Asia

GO provides a digital freight forwarding and flexible warehousing platform to enable real-time on-demand pricing and services, compared to traditional channels that now take hours or days. The Slash-GO team partnered closely together to define a strategic roadmap, go-to-market, funding strategy, product roadmap and first MVP. The team has discontinued its partnership.

R&D Lab Projects

We constantly run experiments with founders. These are some of the R&D projects that were not commercialized.

Chatbot assistant for visa applications

Chatbot Lisa is your friendly assistant to apply and handle your end-to-end visa application for your next trip. In 2017, we built Chatbot Lisa from scratch to explore the limits and design choices of AI NLP technology. The first use case was optimized to help Cambodian citizens apply in Khmer language for their visa to Australia. We have released Chatbot Lisa as an open-source project on www.cambodia.ai, together with a Jupyter notebook, to help the Khmer AI community build their NLP skills.

Designing money that expires

Slash Currency was an R&D project in 2017 to explore a currency designed and optimized for trading of goods or services, as opposed to savings or a store of value. Two of the key features of our blockchain were: tokens expire over time, and 0-transaction cost (the system is paid through a clever mechanism of token expiration). The blockchain architecture is inspired on Ethereum and is ERC-20 compatible, though it was rethought from the ground up to give us more control over the key architectural and tokenomics choices. Since then, our knowledge of blockchain has evolved and branched out into different areas.

KhmerML open-source Machine Learning abstraction layer

KhmerML, is an open-source Machine Learning abstraction layer built on Python to accelerate the development of ML from scratch and select the right ML algorithms to empower AI enthusiasts in Cambodia to solve complex problems. It was developed by our Slash R&D team and open sourced on www.cambodia.ai, with a Jupyter step-by-step notebook, to encourage Cambodian tech engineers to upskill their Machine Learning skills.

Designing an E-Country OS

What would it take to provide universal human services to all the people of the world? How would these universal services be governed? We explored the new emerging power and governance paradigms, in our E-Country R&D project with the aim of unbundling all "administrative" government services and re-bundling them into a functional E-Country or State Operating System (OS). As part of this initiative, we also visited Estonia and spoke to the many pioneers at the e-Estonia and e-Residency platforms.

Boilerplate Code Generator

Our Boilerplate Assembler speeds up shipment time for developers from weeks or days, to seconds. Select your choice of application (e.g ecommerce, wiki website, etc), choose the API services you will need, then pick the coding framework of your choice (NextJS, VueJS, Laravel, etc), and within seconds our scripts auto-generate the boilerplate code and make it accessible on a code repository to download. We developed the R&D project to better understand the potential and constraints of automation scripts to speed up coding. The project has been shelved, for now.