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Corporate Clients

We partner with innovation teams and leaders at corporations to develop new solutions to address their industry challenges. We do this through our innovation strategy, product and software teams.


Remote engineering team to help AXA's Digital Innovation team build the future of insurance

AXA Insurance is one of the world’s largest insurance companies and at the forefront of reinventing the insurance industry for a digital age. With a strong presence in Asia, AXA’s digital innovation team is constantly developing new solutions to streamline existing products and processes and to build new models.  AXA has retained a remote engineering team at Slash since 2016 to develop a variety of software solutions.

Lloyd's Register (LR)

Helping LR build a complex offline-enabled industrial inspection tool for offshore oil rigs

Lloyd's Register (LR) is a leading international provider of classification, compliance and consultancy services to the marine industry. Slash has helped LR to build an internal tool to support the industrial inspection of “Blow Out Preventors” (BOP) which are key pieces of equipment to clamp down and prevent oil spills in oil rigs. The BOP malfunction has been the reason for some of the worse oil spillages in the past. The tool includes complex offline-enabled workflows, checklists, asset storage & classification (drone footage etc), dashboards and reporting.

IMD Business School

Corporate joint venture to build digital executive education programs

IMD is one of the world’s leading business schools and specializes in executive education, including MBA and Executive MBA programs, and delivers this through one integrated multidisciplinary faculty on campus in Switzerland or at the client sites. To extend the reach of its on-campus programs in Switzerland, IMD has sought to create a digital program experience to bring together students, faculty and on-demand experts into an online learning space to accelerate the acquisition of know-how. 

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Globe Telecom

Built a 3D interactive avatar for Globe Telecom's 220 customer branches using the latest conversational bots and 3D engines

Globe Telecom is the largest mobile network operator in the Philippines. Slash worked with Binary Thinktank to build a 3D interactive avatar for Globe Telecom's 220 customer branches using the latest conversational bots (AWS Lex) and 3D engines (AWS Sumerian, javascript engine) on a serverless backend.

DBS Bank

Stress test DBS banking APIs to enable developer's ecosystem to build on top

DBS Bank is the largest bank in the Asia-Pacific by assets and a global award-winning frontrunner in digital transformation. At the end of 2018, over 80% of DBS’ open systems were cloud-ready; its API platform had over 350 APIs, business and tech teams were co-drivers in 33 platforms and over 10,000 employees were trained on a data-driven curriculum. Slash was engaged to stress-test the first APIs and build rapid prototype solutions on top to demonstrate the technical feasibility and commercial viability for partners to leverage its APIs.

Attestor Capital

Build operational utilities to support UK hedge fund

Attestor Capital is a hedge fund based in London. Slash has helped Attestor Capital build utilities to streamline its internal operations.

Standard Chartered Bank

Technical advisory to Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Roundtable for Trade Finance players in Singapore

The Singapore AML Compliance Roundtable (CRT) for Trade Finance was organized by Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of Montreal, following Chatham House Rules, to share experiences and best practices in implementing AML compliance. Slash was invited as technical advisor to provide a perspective on blockchain & AI advances for implementing trade finance AML compliance.

Teng Lay

Digitizing Teng Lay’s logistics backoffice  and migrating to Cloud

Teng Lay is the largest transportation company in Cambodia and a logistics conglomerate, providing services across transport & import/export, dry port management and engineering through its offices in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville Autonomous Port. Teng Lay needed a custom enterprise LMS, migrate their operations to the cloud and integrate into SAP.

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Helping JustCo build a mobile app to power the Future of Work 

JustCo is building a co-working space platform across Asia Pacific, enabled by a smart digital workplace. To support its rapid expansion and digitization, JustCo needed to bring in a tech partner with a dedicated tech team to develop and deploy a first version of the JustCo member’s app. After the successful initial release, a long-term partnership was put in place to support the development of JustCo’s ambitious roadmap. 

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Startup Clients

We believe in the potential for entrepreneurs to build solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges. We started Slash to partner with entrepreneurs to build those solutions hand-in-hand and make a difference.


SaaS to streamline the workflow between dentist and the lab technicians

CrownID provides a platform to help dentists manage the end-to-end issuance of 3D dental prosthesis, from case management to communication with dental technicians. Slash defined and designed the product, and build the first version of the mobile app and platform.

Addicted Gallery

Ecommerce & Augmented Reality art platform

Addicted Gallery is an online art gallery representing contemporary artist with predominantly South East Asian focus. Slash maintains the existing custom eCommerce and content platform, that integrates with a mobile shopping experience with Augmented Reality to preview your art on the wall.


Mobile e-learning platform with live video broadcasting

Sharelook is founded by Israeli veterans of the global education industry, with previous entrepreneurial exits. The founding vision is to provide a mobile e-learning platform designed for trainers, teams and organizations with live video broadcasting using the latest technologies, integrated course builders and many other advanced features and analytics. 

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Technical turnaround and re-architecting of payment, loyalty and micro-finance app for Mekong

Edeel aims to revolutionize retail in Cambodia and the broader Mekong region by connecting merchants and consumers on mobile and providing a digital payment, loyalty and micro-finance solution. Slash took over the project in extremis, turning around the codebase, rearchitecting the solution to meet regulatory & compliance requirements and we then transferred ownership to a new internal technical team.

Ece Rental

Built ecommerce platform for renting catering equipment

Ece Rental offers a one-stop rental solution to companies and individuals interested in renting catering equipment such as cutlery, crockery, glassware, table, chafing dishes or bespoke items. Slash built Ece Rental's ecommerce platform using a customized version of Checkfront, to help drive more conversion and optimize its operation.

Augmented Tribe

Reimagining digital education programs for the workforce

Augmented Tribe is a SaaS platform to accelerate know-how acquisition for professionals. The platform is organized around learning spaces, to create and structure curriculums, workflows and activities; and includes real-time collaboration with participants and experts. Use cases include running digital transformation programs, MBA and Executive MBA programs, virtual hackathons. Augmented Tribe is a joint venture between ASA, IMD Business School and Slash.

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Built interactive directory and wayfinding map to navigate a building and shopping mall in Singapore

Adactive provides location-based services through advanced 3D wayfinding and smart directory solutions for shopping mall, exhibition and more. Slash built 3 applications for Adactive that served as interactive directory and wayfinding maps to navigate a large building and shopping mall in Singapore.


Upgrade work-and-travel platform for global expansion using latest serverless tech

Freepackers helps young professionals from Europe to work & volunteer abroad. Slash redeveloped the Freepackers backend & infrastructure on AWS serverless technology to optimize system performance and support Freepackers global expansion (including adding China CDNs); we created micro-services to generate the static frontend website using DynamoDB; and integrated with Spanish banks for payments and Zoho CRM.


Implement your C19 back-to-work and safe site access policies

To help companies manage the risks of going back-to-work during the C19 crisis, Trust8 provides a simple and secure solution to handle employees health data, implement safe site and worker access policies. A real-time data dashboard enables visibility and the ability to update risk models & policies real-time across all sites, as the science, test manufacturers/kits and situation evolves. Trust8 is test-agnostic, white label and privacy-first (GDPR, PDPA, HIPAA compliant). The risk dashboard can be paired with other COVID-19 immune apps.

360 Sports

Building the future of wellness-over-fitness

Athletes usually pile on too much work and fail to devote enough time to recovery. They tend to overlook the importance of what they eat and how they feel. As a result, they reach the “over-training” state. 360 Sports focuses on ‘Wellness over Fitness’ by providing actionable insights, to help serious athletes find balance and perform better. 360 Sports was founded early 2020 by a team of experienced triathletes, data and sport scientists.

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Remote engineering team to build a series of insurance solutions

getValue is a boutique consultancy providing software solutions for insurers, taking into account business, IT and regulators requirements. getValue retained a remote engineering team to develop several InsurTech solutions.


Developed allergen database and frontend to help restaurants & diners better manage dietary requirements

There has been a sharp rise in dietary requirements (vegan, vegetarianism, gluten etc). Restaurants struggle to standardize the process of how to deal with this. And customers with allergies are very vocal and loyal. Slash helped Menyo develop a database of menus and allergens, and a frontend application for restaurants & diners.


Enable digital ownership of cross-border properties in APAC

Real Estate is the #1 asset class in the world with a market cap of ~US$228 tril, with APAC poised for the most growth in global residential value. Cross-border property investment is the most common country risk management tool for Asians HNIs. Yet, cross-border investment remains full of friction and lack of liquidity. Acropolis enables digital ownership of cross-border property investments with no need to travel, secure & immediately verifiable chain of title, super fast transactions (~2 days) and cheaper transaction costs.


Building white-label digital banking solutions for regional banks in Europe

EedenBull is led by senior executives and veterans of the payment and banking industry who intimately understand the needs of the banks and how digital tools can benefit them today. To execute on its startup ambitions, EedenBull sought a turnkey tech partner who could be efficient and yet flexible. Efficient in architecting and building solutions, and scaling the team, and at the same time flexible to adjust to the constant changes in the roadmap of a fast-growing startup. 

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Building fast, secure and paperless tourist tax refund

TripWorld's founding vision is to deliver savings, speed and simplicity to the travel experience, starting with a better tourist tax refund (VAT/GST) solution called “TripTax”. Tourist-tax refunds (VAT/GST) are time-consuming due to long queues and paperwork, involve expensive FX transactions and are subject to high commission (up to 43% by market leaders!).

For the Love For Laundry (FTLOL)

On-demand laundry and fleet management

For the Love of Laundry (FTLOL) is the only company in Singapore to clean purely with GreenEarth, a toxin-free technology that is better for people, clothes and the environment. FTLOL provides a reliable laundry service with on-demand pick-up and delivery for working professionals and companies. FTLOL wanted a digital system to better serve their customers, reach out to new customers and optimize the routes for their growing fleet of drivers across Singapore.

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Developed Talentora's creative talent discovery app to streamline how the creative industries hires

Talentora provides creative talent discovery and hiring services for TV shows, Film, Theatre, Events and more. Slash developed Talentora's creative talent discovery mobile app and backoffice to streamline how the creative industries hires, advertises, pays and reviews talents.


Redesign YoloPay's website to launch its digital payment and spend management solutions for families.

YoloLite is a mobile digital banking and loyalty solutions for Families and SMEs. It allows you to manage and share family spend from your phone. Slash supported YoloLite with developing its original YoloPay website to launch its marketing campaign in Singapore.


Award-winning e-KYC solution for payments in Cambodia

Clik provides a unified platform for all payments in emerging markets in ASEAN, starting in Cambodia. It offers merchants and consumers a seamless payment experience online and offline, and helps merchants with data-driven tools for micro-targeting, loyalty cash-back schemes and credit. Its core payment technology is supported by strategic global partners such as OpenWay and MyPINPAD, and includes secure multi-factor authentication for unsecured touchscreen devices, payment aggregation, mobile POS (mPOS) and contactless SoftPOS. 

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Gov / Non-Profit Clients

We partner with forward-looking public sector leaders to design and build digital solutions fit for the future of society. We provide entrepreneurial advice to drive adoption of those solutions.

United Nations World Food Program

United Nations World Food Program's early-warning flood and drought vulnerability platform for APAC

The World Food Programme (WFP) is the food-assistance branch of the United Nations and the world's largest humanitarian organization addressing hunger and promoting food security. The PRISM platform is an Asia Pacific wide early-warning vulnerability platform, piloted in Cambodia, to provide WFP operations with real-time monitoring of flood & drought risk indicators and its visualization on an interactive map-based dashboard overlaid with the locations of the most vulnerable populations.

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Myanmar Ministry of Labor & Immigration

Scope automated data cleaning and data entry of national ID data records

The Myanmar Ministry of Labor needed an automated way to remove millions of duplicated national ID data records (including Burmese text, portrait pictures and fingerprints) and to enter hundreds of thousands of new data records. Slash designed a process to verify data integrity and quality, conduct a deep data analysis to pre-process all records and identify statistical feature selection, and design the appropriate ML algorithms.

C19 Support Startups

Support Southeast Asian Startups during COVID-19.

A coalition of venture capitalists in Singapore (Openspace Ventures, 500 Startups, Cocoon Capital) started a ground-up movement to support the startups during COVID-19 with a single website where startups across Southeast Asia can release their promotional activities and discount codes for customers looking to help buoy the companies they think can use it the most.

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Asian Development Bank

ADB knowledge hub for Change Makers

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) established ADB Ventures early 2020, a new venture platform that aims to become Asia’s leading impact technology platform, crowding over $1 billion of risk capital to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. ADB was looking at creating a website to share the latest insights, facts and impact projects & initiatives with expected outcomes. The target audience is impact investors and the website needed to include the ability to engage investors through short surveys, venture challenges and personalized content based on areas of focus.

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Cambodian Government

Cambodian Government C19 Broadcast Solution to facilitate emergency response

Slash co-organized a “HacKH the Crisis” hackathon to build a suite of key tools in rapid time, to empower Cambodia to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the cities and provinces. When the call action came during the online hackathon early April 2020, Slash and Clik partnered up as one-team, “Clash”, to build a solution to help the government with COVID-19 emergency response. Clash built a Broadcast Solution to enable the Cambodian government to communicate to registered users over multiple messaging platforms (Telegram, Messenger and SMS) using a single tool.