Hire a Software Development Team

Coding is easy. The magic happens when building teams that work and deliver together.

We make people powerful
Remote and autonomous teams

Our teams are usually dedicated, remote and autonomous in their skill mix: the engineering and QA team are guided by a lead developer or architect with an iteration manager and their work is grounded by a proxy product owner with designer. Our philosophy is to make people powerful. We grant our teams high autonomy to set their own goals and evolve their work practices to deliver their best work. We adopt workflow and tools based on project needs. Across Slash, agile coaches and a central DeveloperX team (Architects, QE, DevOps) support all our projects with their pressing challenges.

We master the right tech quickly and eagerly
Full stack and advanced tech

Our software engineering skills range from Web, Mobile, Cloud, DevOps & Security. We are an AWS partner and have significant experience with serverless architecture and data models (SQL/no-SQL, DLT). We handle more advanced technologies such as OCR, AI (ML, NN, NLP), Data & blockchain (Ethereum, R3 Corda), GIS maps with remote IoT sensors. Our go-to tech stack is Javascript (NodeJS/ReactJS), Python, React Native (for mobile) though we have significant experience with many other tech: Java, Swift, C++, PHP, RoR, Oracle, Salesforce etc. When we need to, we learn quickly and eagerly.

Raise retention and quality by design
Happy engineers deliver better

To provide you the product-building powerhouse you need, our teams need to be happy. Our priority is to offer the best conditions to our teams with community-oriented workplaces and continuous learning & professional development, and exciting global projects & technologies to work on. Our commitment is to also help each person find a healthy work-life balance that works for them. Each office is organized as a community village, with stocked kitchens, common areas for socializing or yoga classes, private spaces, regular speakers on the latest tech & startup topics and team-building events.

We have structured specialist software engineering roles with career paths so we can master our craft
Key Software Roles
Lead Dev & Architect

Our most senior software engineers are responsible for designing the right architecture, setting the code quality standards and defining the right tools to use. They are the engine behind our engineering teams. They enable us to deliver algorithmic and heavy data-driven backends, powerful APIs, neural nets from scratch, distributed systems, rich UX-driven applications, and quickly deliver on the demands of the latest technology or automation techniques while not compromising on business outcomes.


Our developers form the core of our team and bring our scrum methodology to life. During each iteration, they take the user stories and tasks defined by our PE and Iteration Manager, and figure out the best way to implement those. They typically deliver in units of 2-6 developers. Our developer career path sets out 4 areas of competencies (productivity, engineering, programming, team work) to master, with 18 competencies across 4 levels of proficiency (apprentice/non-billable, developer, senior and lead).

DevOps, Quality Assurance & Engineering

Our specialist engineering roles enable us to deliver against the demands of real-world products where delighting users, reliable maintenance and fixing system glitches is key to success. Our DevOps is responsible for designing scalable, secure & automated cloud infrastructure to power the product. We use the latest technology in CI/CD, dockers and automated code quality. Our QA & QE set the testing standards and automation to deliver unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, acceptance testing.