Hire a Product Development Team

To turn your idea into a winning product vision that will be adopted by your target users and can feasibly be built within your parameters

Design the new normal
Product strategy for a changing world

When the solution space is fully open, it can be overwhelming to see all the possible options. By applying the design thinking principles and toolkit to our innovation agenda, we can "integrate the needs of people, the possibility of technology and the requirements for business success" (IDEO). We take a pragmatic approach to design and typically tackle the challenge into a compressed series of design workshops or design sprints in our Bali office. Rice fields are great for creativity!

Getting to problem and product clarity
Simplicity in service of solutions that work

When you start looking at a problem and it seems really simple, you don’t really understand the complexity of the problem. And your solutions are way too oversimplified. Then you get into the problem, and you see it’s really complicated. And you come up with all these convoluted solutions. That’s where most people stop. The really great person will keep on going and find the key underlying principle of the problem and come up with a beautiful, elegant solution that works.

Iterative design drives value
Fluid agile workflows

Demanding that teams “get it right the first time” just biases them to focus on the least-risky solutions. Instead, a “fail early, fail often” approach to iteratively get to a winning product has the advantage of many more learning cycles. This requires the discipline of a strong agile workflow, where ideas are turned into working prototypes faster and unpromising ideas are eliminated more rapidly. Many companies have not tapped into this full potential as their management thinking has not evolved.

Our product team sits between the business and the engineers
Key Product Roles
Product Engineer (PE)

A PE acts as an internal Product Owner for your problem statement and is responsible to design product specifications that maximize business value for you. The PE helps you iteratively define your business problem, envision and engineer the product that would resolve your problem. This includes mapping the user workflows, sketching the User Experience (UX), breaking down product needs to epics and user stories, and estimating those epics/stories in partnership with our software engineering team.

UX/UI Designer

The UX/UI designer goal is to provide high-fidelity visual assets that represent the product definition of the Product Engineer. These visual assets include sketches and wireframes that outline the user journeys across your product solution, accurate clickable online prototypes and pixel-correct user interfaces. A good UX/UI can minimize costs and risks, and should give confidence to the business of the commercial viability and the technical feasibility of a solution, before any code is even written.

Iteration Manager

As we breakdown a product roadmap into a series of sprint cycles or product shipments, it's critical to deliver speed and quality for each shipment. The goal of the iteration manager is to ensure an optimal flow of business value creation and "product shipment" for each iteration. An iteration manager is a bridge builder between the product and the engineering team and eliminate the obstacles that come along the way - typically IM's have a technical or software engineering background.

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